Stand out. Be catchy. Be cool.

Nameics Uniqueness

Let's be clear. Nobody wants to be boring. No entrepreneur wants their business to go unnoticed. Instead, they want their brand to be instantly recognized and remembered.

Naming is a crucial step for a new company and is critical to any business. A brand can shape how people perceive a company. The brand you choose will probably be the first touchpoint with your company and it will work as the foundation for customer recognition.

So every entrepreneur definitely wants a cool name for their business. But what exactly makes a business name cool? How do you come up with a catchy, memorable name? Here are some tips that will help you in the process:

Be emotional.

Focus on what your company is, not on what your company does. Focus on your business DNA. Focus on your mission and vision as an organization.

Be unique.

Walk away from generic, bland names or words. Try to convey some ideas or concepts with your brand.

Be memorable.

Try to use a simple name that is easy to remember. Short names are usually easier to remember, but longer names can be as catchy and memorable as short ones. Just think of The North Face, Bank of America, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi or Tommy Hilfiger.

Watch the trends.

Think of the brands you find especially cool. What are their names like? What kind of words or name hacks do they use? You may want to follow a similar pattern... or you can just forget about it and do exactly the opposite so your company brand stands out from the crowd.

Think about your target audience.

How is the audience you want to impact? If it is a young audience, you will more than likely want to stay away from classic names. If you have a high-profile target audience you will probably want your name to sound different and exclusive. Not all names are equally attractive to different audience groups. An accountancy app will have little in common with a fashion brand.

Say the name aloud.

A brand is not only about how you read it or how it looks. It is also about how it sounds. That is why we include a branded speech sample for all our names. So don't hesitate to say your brand aloud. Ask your partners or friends to read it. Does it sound as awesome as you wish?

Trust brand experts.

Coming up with a cool business name is not easy. It is a task made of lots of small details and subtle nuances. Do you want to save time and focus on making your business grow? Do you want to avoid frustrating brainstorming sessions? Then you can just take a look at our inventory of unique curated brand names.

Let us do all the hard work for you. We will find a cool, outstanding business name you and your customers will love.

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