Be what your brand image projects.

Nameics Authentic

Nobody likes fake attitudes or hypocrisy. Today's consumers are savvy and connected, and they will not easily accept inconsistencies between the image a brand conveys and the reality of what it is. Consumers value and demand honest and clear communication from brands and companies they deal with.

The PR agency Cohn & Wolf conducts an annual report on Brand Authenticity that leads to the Authentic 100 Index. The findings of this study were always the same: consumers rate brand authenticity very highly. In fact, in their original 2012 study, they found about 9 out of 10 consumers would expect companies to show integrity at all times - and this was more important to them than quality or innovation.

Brand and User Generated Content

In their 2017 consumer report, Stackla found out that brand authenticity was at an all-time high. 90 percent of consumers reported authenticity is important when deciding what brands to support while 83 percent of marketers considered authenticity was important to their brands.

So the point is no longer whether to be authentic or not. The point is how the company is going to ensure and convey its authenticity. The Stackla report discovered a noticeable distance in perception by consumers and marketers about brand-generated and user-generated content. While marketers considered brand-generated content as the most authentic, consumers felt user generated-content to be more genuine.

And then the question is:

How to achieve Brand Authenticity

Brand authenticity and brand loyalty.

Customers value honesty. Most of them consider it a crucial element of their perception of a company. So transparency and authenticity mean customer loyalty. Brand authenticity means ROI. It is really that simple.

There is no authenticity without credibility.

Consumers like brands that have values and stand by them in every single moment. And that happens all around the globe.

Authenticity is not about words - it is about facts. Authentic brands engage with the community. They focus on growing a community over just selling products. They try to get the customer emotionally invested in their success. Once trust is built, loyal customers will buy a company's products even if they are more expensive than other alternatives. Real brand loyalty makes companies more profitable

Communities can become a powerful marketing vehicle and can act as a strong shield during a brand crisis. How many purchases are made only after checking online reviews?

Manage the narrative.

A brand must choose its narrative carefully. Their story must be true to their identity. It must be consistent. It must be passionate. And above all, it must be honest. It must be unique too - and it doesn't need to avoid flaws and imperfections. Remember, this game is about honesty.

Speak about the human experience.

Authenticity is about consumers' perceptions. Share your beliefs and values. Show Corporate Social Responsibility and engage in actions aimed at solving your community's worries. CSR builds loyalty, affinity and trust.

How does brand authenticity look?

Dove started their campaign for 'Real Beauty' in 2004. They turned their vision into their main line of communication. They run away from the traditional 'unreal' beauty advertising and focused on real women instead.

All their marketing efforts have been perfectly aligned with this vision. The brand has been fiercely consistent and has pioneered a change in the whole industry's approach to advertising. Their commercials show real, confident, proud, non-perfect women with hardly any makeup on, creating a sense of honesty and connection to their real customers.

The result? A boom in sales, a solid brand identity and an extremely loyal community.

Dove Advertising

Final thought

Today's customers are connected and informed. Engaging is now a must. Consumers will choose the companies they perceive as honest, transparent and trustworthy.

Creating and growing an emotional connection with your customer will make the difference.

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