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A daring name that will invite your audience to explore and discover. An exciting choice for an extreme sports brand, a travel agency, an outdoors equipment brand, a blog or show, or a mountain resort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will ensure a quick transfer of the domain. escrow service will initiate a transaction and will ask us to transfer the domain name. Once they take control over the domain they will move it to your account at a registrar of your choice. agents will guide you through the process. Your funds will be held in escrow by until the transfer to you is complete and your ownership is confirmed.

Security is one of our main priorities. escrow service provides support during and after the purchase and guarantees an extra layer of security to you as an online buyer.

No. It has no additional cost for you. The price you see is the final price. Nameics will cover the escrow fees.

Usually, transfers are complete in a matter of hours, but the exact timeframe may vary depending on the registrar you choose to receive and manage the domain name.

Most of the domains we offer are .com domains. It is the premium domain extension and it works as the 'official' online version for any name. It is perceived as the internet gold standard and that is why 495 of the 'Fortune 500' companies use it for their websites. We have a small portfolio of valuable domain names in other extensions though.

Yes. We offer both the options to buy or to lease-to-own through escrow service. The lease-to-own option is usually offered in a 12 installment plan. Once you have completed the last installment payment you will gain full ownership of the name.

No. It is not possible for us to include a trademark, as you must be an active business company and you are required to provide details such as location, industry and products related in order to apply for it. We recommend you research and ask for legal advice to make sure that the name you choose does not have a trademark conflict with any existing competitor within your industry and region.

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